Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Computer Services, Mobile Phone and Console Repairs

Great computer services company based in Chingford. They offer repairs on Laptops, PC's, mobile phones and computer consoles.

Computer Services
- Laptop Repairs
- PC Repairs
- Networking

Mobile Phone Repairs
- iPhone Repairs
- HTC Repairs
- Blackberry Repairs
- Nokia Repairs

Console Repairs
- Xbox Repairs
- PS3 Repairs
- Playstation Repairs

For more information got to

Monday, September 26, 2011

Viscometers from QC Labs

Quality Control Laboratories are offering great discounts on Brookfield Viscometers. Well worth checking out. They also offer great prices on:

- Viscometers
- Rheometers
- Flow Cups
- Calibration Oils
- U Tubes
- Servicing of Viscometers
- Calibration of Viscometers
- Cone and Plate Viscometers

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Personal Trainer - Liverpool Street

I cannot thank the guys at Walker Bros Fitness Enough. In only two weeks I have dropped a jean size.

Ok, so I had to get up an hour earlier each day and regulate my diet a little more (something I have struggled with in the past.) But it was well worth it.

I can't wait another few months for another boot camp so I have decided to spend a little more and get myself some one on one personal training.

Steve, my personal trainer is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. We have a 3 month plan and a series of goals for me to achieve. He has helped me cut out a lot bad food from my diet and guided me as to what exercises will help me loose my beer belly.

The plan is that in 3 months it will be gone and with the help of my personal trainer it appears that for once I might actually achieve it. I have joined gyms in the past and then never gone. Having the encouragement of a personal trainer (and having paid in advance) I now have the motivation to achieve my fitness goals.

If you would like to book a personal training session with Steve or any of the Walker Bros Fitness staff you can visit their website by clicking on the link below.

Walker Bros Fitness, Personal Training in London City.

Hinkel The Great Dictator - Final Speech of the Barber

Monday, August 1, 2011

Walker Bros London Boot Camp

I have previously written about these guys before, however I under took my first boot camp with them last week down in Liverpool Street. So far so... excellent! I normally just exercise by myself and attend the occasional fitness class. However I can really feel the effects after just a week of the intense training with the Walker Bros Fitness boot camp. It is also really good camaraderie training with other like minded people and it helps you push yourself that extra mile. They say they guarantee results, and so far I see why. One more week to go so can't wait to see the final result.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Walker Bros Fitness

These guys run boot camps all over london.

Boot camps are a great and affordable way to improve your health, loose weight and gain muscle.

They have a liverpool street boot camp, a clapham common boot camp and a wandsworth common boot camp.

They also specialise in personal training and often do one on one sessions as well.