Saturday, November 30, 2013

CoinbyCall website down

Last week I thought I had found a great website that turns your unwanted mobile phone minutes into bitcoins. I immediately set about getting myself some extra coins.

As I have 5000 inclusive landline minutes per month and only use around 800 I decided to start leaving my phone on all night calling their landline number and earning the equivalent of around £0.20 an hour. Not a lot but it doesn't cost me anything to leave my mobile phone on throughout the night.

The premise of the website is that they pay you to listen to radio over landline telephone and pass on a proportion of the advertising revenue.

However, as of yesterday the site has gone down and I have bitcoins valued at around £5 on there.

They are not responding to twitter and I cannot obtain their email address as the site is down.

I hope that all turns out OK but cannot help but think they have disappeared with my £10.

Another valuable lesson learned in the world of bitcoin.


Other ways of getting bitcoins can be found at 

UPDATE: The site appears to be up and running again now. The times of my last calls don't seem to match - but this may be down to the server being in a different time zone to me. I will check and let you know. 


  1. Im in exactly the same boat mate. In fact I think I recommended them to you. Lets hope its just a glitch and all will be sorted soon. Keep us posted.

  2. Garry. The site is now back up and running! Im checking to see if all the times of calls match as I have logs on my phone - At the moment the last call isnt showing the right time - but I have just made a 5 minute test call to see if their server is in a different time zone!