Sunday, December 1, 2013

NSA to shame and discredit people by revealling their porn habits.

According to this article by the BBC the NSA actively monitors your web usage and will in the event you cross them attempt to discredit and shame you by revealing your online porn habits.

To avoid this happening to me I am happy to reveal that I like porn with big boobed lesbians. But am open to suggestions.

Should you wish to avoid this kind of monitoring you may think that you could use an anonymity service such as the TOR browser. But wait a minute - wasn't that software made by them too? Basically, we're all f*cked.

I think that if you want to watch porn anonymously it might be best to get down your local smut shop and buy it off the shelf- possibly whilst wearing some form of disguise.

Also make sure you don't pay with your credit card for it - as they monitor all that too. Use cold hard cash - or bitcoins.

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